The Best Memes of ideas

 hough 2021 was a fine vintage for memes – the Handforth Parish Council meeting, Bernie and his mittens, sea shanty TikTok, the tanker that broke the Suez Canal – 2022 started with the kind of giddy, fast-paced memeing only the third year of a pandemic and simmering resentment of everyone in charge could provide.

The Best Memes of ideas

The Best Memes of ideas

The Best Memes of ideas

Then once the summer turned to autumn, things went into overdrive. The Queen died. The Queue lived. We entered the Liz Truss timeline. Liz Truss was defeated by a lettuce. Even by the standards of the last six years, it was a truly bizarre time to be living on this weird little island.

The Best Memes of ideas

So what have meme futures speculators invested in this year? The joy of the best memes, of course, is that they always take you by surprise – nobody could have foreseen Bean Dad or Rishi Sunak admitting to a child that he was a "Coke addict" – but there were a few flashpoints that savvy meme brokers built portfolios around.

This year the yields have been found in political turmoil and, semi-relatedly, the World Cup in Qatar looks like it'll bring solid returns too.

here would we be without memes? A wave of new memes hit our timelines to keep us laughing and connecting no matter what is going on in the world year after year. They have become the go-to language for social media users and have become an integral part of pop culture. While we usually have what feels like a meme calendar with a trend that takes over each month of the year, the first six months of 2022 felt a little slower and dryer than usual. And that’s understandable. The world feels like it’s in disarray, and it’s not always easy to find humor in the real issues people are constantly facing. But leave it up to the internet to still give us something to laugh about even in the darkest of times, right?

So far, Will Smith vs. Chris Rock at the Oscars, 50 Cent at the Super Bowl, Elmo’s beef with Rocco, and even Julia Fox have given social media users all the ammunition they need to turn those situations into the funniest, most sharable, and entertaining memes possible. Euphoria broke records, becoming the most tweeted show in Twitter’s history with 30 million reactions in Season 2—and obviously, a lot of those tweets were memes. We would also be remiss not to mention the TikToks that have transcended the app and are making us laugh across all social media platforms. Twitter users are funny, but the people over on TikTok take things to a new level. Check out our list of the best, most popular, and funniest memes 2022 has had to offer so far. If these don’t do it for you, don’t worry, there are still six months left to go in the year.

10. Crypto crash 2022

Dinner after this #Cryptocrash 😪🤲🏾

— THE TRADxR’S BLOG📉🏌️‍♂️ (@TheLazyTradxr_) May 11, 2022

Best uses: Buy the dip, Buy Crypto vs. Bye Crypto

The cryptocurrency craze, led by the proliferation of Bitcoin and Ethereum—and later memefied by Dogecoin and Elon Musk—inspired droves of Americans to download the Robin Hood app and become amateur investors in 2020 and 2021. Buy now. Buy the dip. Then wait. And six months later, you could be set for life. Get your tropical island and everything.

But in 2022, we learned a couple of valuable, hard lessons. First: If you’re getting your financial advice from Twitter and the sketchy edgelord outside the mini-mart, then you’ve already missed the initial wave that could have made you stupid rich. And second: When investment experts warned that the crypto prices were risky and volatile, they weren’t joking.

People lost millions, literal millions, in mere hours this past May when the crypto market crashed, and the “dip” kept on dipping, and dipping, and dipping. And lo, the memes that followed. If we didn’t laugh, we’d have to cry. It was humor as a coping mechanism—an opportunity for us to comfort and HODL one another. —Kevin Wong

9. TikTok, in general

this is the first video i saw and there were real tears in my eyes 😭😭😭😭

— Da’Shaun | they/them (@DaShaunLH) April 18, 2022

Best uses: Euphoria uniform, Where’s Patreal?

Sure, this is a bit of a cheat, but TikTok has progressed so much that it now has its own language when it comes to memes. It seems as if every month brings along a new trend on the platform. Whether it’s people reacting to The Batman’s Batman showing up at a club or remixing a girl running into her bed frame, the creativity of the platform provides endless hours of content and jokes—and is what keeps people coming back time and time again. —William Goodman

8. ‘It’s Morbin’ time’

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